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PAdES (acronym of PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a set of standards published by ETSI (TS 102 778 parts 1 to 5) to support European requirements for electronic signatures. PAdES is based on existing PDF Signatures as specified in ISO 32 000. It includes features to support validation of signatures which are stored for years or even decades.

The site is aimed at implementers of PAdES as well as those considering whether PAdES is appropriate to their needs.

Why PAdES?

ID #1013

080. Is PDF (and PAdES) Proprietary?

No, both PDF and PAdES are open standards which have been implemented by several suppliers.

PDF is standardized as ISO 32000-1, while PAdES was developed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute.  PAdES is being fed back into the ISO for inclusion in future versions of ISO 32000.


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